Start an Online Fundraising Campaign for FPIES

Team IAFFPELooking for a safe, simple way to raise money for IAFFPE in our fight against FPIES? We’ve found several fundraising websites that are revolutionizing charitable giving. Sites like Crowdrise, JustGive, and First Giving seek to make raising money for a cause not just easy, but also fun.

Here’s how online fundraising works. Set up a page to support something or someone you care about. Then invite friends and family to be sponsors by donating any amount of money. Please note that these sites do charge a processing fee, usually a small percentage of the donations, to cover their own costs of operation.

Check out this highly successful fundraiser that a group of FPIES families put together on Crowdrise:

From marathon relays to mud runs, our fundraisers are already using online fundraising to benefit IAFFPE. So why not give it a try for your next birthday fundraiser, walkathon, polar plunge, or other creative way to show you care?FPIES Fundraising

For more ideas that put the fun in fundraising visit: And be sure to share your fundraising ideas in the comments section.