Amazing Strides from Team FPIES!

Fighting FPIES FundraiserFighting FPIES Fundraiser fund1 Fund3Congrats to Team FPIES for its wildly successful fundraising effort at the Berkeley Heights 5K this past Sunday. The Reff family and friends raised over $5,500 to benefit IAFFPE and those living with FPIES!

The group got the word out about FPIES to a crowd of more than 500 walkers and runners. The 30 members of Team FPIES wore custom “Fighting FPIES” shirts — everyone wanted to know “What is FPIES?” The team also hosted a booth to distribute IAFFPE brochures and sell FPIES awareness bracelets.

Our thanks go to event organizer and FPIES mom Allison Reff. After the event, Allision shared, “I couldn’t be happier to give back to IAFFPE. You helped my family get through a very difficult time and offered us such encouragement and hope. We are hoping to make this an annual fundraiser. It was such a heart-warming experience.”

Inspired by Team FPIES? Fundraising is a powerful way to make an impact in the fight against FPIES. To learn more about ways to help our mission through fundraising, click here. With these funds, IAFFPE will continue to affect real change in our FPIES community. To see a great example of online fundraising, visit the Team FPIES site on Crowdrise.

* Please note that IAFFPE is not affiliated with any other FPIES organization. Our fundraising dollars go directly toward research and impactful initiatives, with all overhead costs donated or supplied by the Executive Board.

So Shines a Good Deed: Many Thanks to Our Fundraisers and Volunteers!

Appreciation is a wonderful thing.  It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well. ~Voltaire

We want to take a moment to recognize those individuals who go above and beyond to make what we do possible—and who make the world a better place for FPIES patients and families.

Fundraising Superstars

You Make the DifferenceFundraising superstars are people in our FPIES community who give an extra measure of support to help make IAFFPE’s goals and mission a reality. These are just a few of the countless supporters who have made a difference during the past year.

FPIES Mom of the Year

At the Fight for FPIES benefit in June, Christine Hayes-Quigley was recognized as “FPIES Mom of the Year.” Despite the everyday challenges Christine faces, she has felt empowered to make a difference. In the past year, Christine has rallied her family and friends to raise thousands of dollars in support of IAFFPE in the hopes of advancing research and support services for the FPIES community. She also successfully reached out to her previous employer, Goldman Sachs, to become a fundraising matching partner for our foundation. Christine is passionate to create change and has made significant efforts to educate her community, explore various treatment options, and advocate for her son while supporting IAFFPE’s mission, vision and goals.

Fundraiser of the Year

We also recognize fundraising extraordinaire Dori-Ann Martin, who organized Camran’s FPIES Fundraiser in Canada. Held in June, this silent art auction raised a spectacular $14,285 to benefit IAFFPE! We applaud Dori-Ann for her wildly successful fundraising effort and everyone who came out to show support and raise FPIES awareness.

Go Team FPIES!

There’s another exciting fundraiser on the horizon. Thanks to Allison Reff and her family and friends for their fundraising efforts in support of IAFFPE and all children with FPIES. They’ve already raised more than $4,500 for the team’s 5k on September 22nd in Berkeley Heights, NJ. If you’re interested in joining in on the fun, here’s the event website: And check out the Team FPIES fundraising page on Crowdrise:

Parents and Doctors on a Mission

Did you know that IAFFPE’s Executive Board is comprised of committed, passionate parents whose children have been diagnosed with FPIES? We also benefit from the efforts of our Medical Advisory Board, composed of leading allergists, immunologists, and gastroenterologists—many of whom are active in FPIES research—from prestigious medical facilities worldwide.

IAFFPE is an organization of volunteers. Our deepest appreciation goes to our team members who have worked tirelessly to accomplish our goals, motivated by FPIES patients who deserve answers, support, and a voice. We simply wouldn’t exist without the time and talents that they generously donate.

You Make the Difference

Please consider doing what you can to support the work of IAFFPE and volunteers like those mentioned above. Help us continue to create a world where no one with FPIES goes undiagnosed and where families get the guidance and support they need in their daily lives.

You can help raise tax deductible funding for IAFFPE and, in the process, raise awareness on behalf of the entire FPIES community. Every effort makes an impact. And we’re here to assist you every step of the way, including event brainstorming, fundraising letters, press releases, the application process for venues, and the logistics of the event. Contact us to begin this rewarding process.

Your June Fundraising Efforts for IAFFPE Raised $30K!

June was an amazing month of fundraising for IAFFPE. Four inspiring events raised nearly $30,000 to benefit IAFFPE and our FPIES community. A huge thank you to all the families, donors, volunteers, and attendees who helped make these events so successful.

The money raised has been designated for IAFFPE’s research fund and will go directly toward initiatives aimed at finding early detection techniques and a streamlined approach to treating FPIES patients. We’re spearheading some exciting initiatives that will help change the course of FPIES.

Fundraising Success Stories
Looking for inspiration? See how supporters have had fun raising money for IAFFPE:

Fight for FPIES

FPIES families unite for the Fight for FPIES fundraiser

Fight for FPIES
Who: Schultz Friends and Family
Where: New Jersey
Amount Raised: $10,000

This Martial Arts Event & Gala Dinner raised nearly $10,000 for IAFFPE! The Karate Dojo in Jackson hosted a day of seminars, kick-a-thons and zumba, while evening festivities featured dinner, dancing, and a gift auction. Thanks to all the FPIES families and Dr. Terri Faye Brown-Whitehorn who came out to support this fundraising extravaganza.

 Sean’s First Birthday Celebration
Who: Millerick Friends and Family
Where: Connecticut
Amount Raised: $2,500

As friends and family gathered to celebrate Sean’s 1st birthday, they also raised FPIES awareness and $2,500 in donations for IAFFPE. Thanks to Sean and company for a wonderful birthday gift that will impact those living with FPIES! Mom Lisa shared that she was overwhelmed by the generosity of her friends and family and that it helped ease the family’s struggle with FPIES.

Kamran's FPIES FundraiserCamran’s FPIES Fundraiser
Who: Organizer Dori-Ann Martin
Where: Canada
Amount Raised: $14,000+

An amazing Silent art auction in Canada raised more than $14,285 to benefit IAFFPE! We applaud everyone who came out to show support and raise funds and FPIES awareness.

Artisans donated original work for auction

Artisans donated original work for auction

Silent Art Auction
Who: Hosts Stephanie Greenwood, Andrea Chrisstoffels, and Jessica Deshaies
Where: New Hampshire
Amount Raised: $2,500

Another creative Silent Art Auction fundraiser in early June raised over $1,300 for IAFPPE! Generous artisans, friends and families joined forces to turn art into action and raise awareness of FPIES.

Ready to start your own fundraising story?
Taking on a fundraising challenge is an empowering feeling. To learn more about ways to help our mission through fundraising, click here and here. With these funds, IAFFPE will continue to make great things happen in our FPIES community.

* Please note that IAFFPE is not affiliated with any other FPIES organization. Our fundraising dollars go directly toward research and impactful initiatives, with all overhead costs donated or supplied by the Executive Board.

Start an Online Fundraising Campaign for FPIES

Team IAFFPELooking for a safe, simple way to raise money for IAFFPE in our fight against FPIES? We’ve found several fundraising websites that are revolutionizing charitable giving. Sites like Crowdrise, JustGive, and First Giving seek to make raising money for a cause not just easy, but also fun.

Here’s how online fundraising works. Set up a page to support something or someone you care about. Then invite friends and family to be sponsors by donating any amount of money. Please note that these sites do charge a processing fee, usually a small percentage of the donations, to cover their own costs of operation.

Check out this highly successful fundraiser that a group of FPIES families put together on Crowdrise:

From marathon relays to mud runs, our fundraisers are already using online fundraising to benefit IAFFPE. So why not give it a try for your next birthday fundraiser, walkathon, polar plunge, or other creative way to show you care?FPIES Fundraising

For more ideas that put the fun in fundraising visit: And be sure to share your fundraising ideas in the comments section.