Now Available: FPIES Education Conference Video Package

Miss the FPIES Education Conference? Looking for a better understanding of FPIES? Wish you had access to the best brains in the field? The FPIES Education Conference Video Package is now available!

This is your chance to get valuable access to the leading experts in FPIES care and research with three of the most content-rich sessions from last fall’s FPIES Education Conference. The video package includes the following sessions:

Allergist’s Perspective: The Nuts & Bolts of FPIES
Scott H. Sicherer, MD
In this primer about FPIES, you’ll gain a better understanding of common terminology used in the science surrounding FPIES.

From the Gut: Understanding GI in FPIES

Mirna Chehade, MD, MPH
This look at FPIES from the gastroenterologist’s point of view focuses on understanding the underlying mechanisms of FPIES and the condition’s effect on digestive health.

Q&A Panel Discussion
A panel of leading FPIES experts answers questions and discuss challenges in navigating an FPIES diagnosis.

The video package is only available for a limited time–click on the link below to learn more and get access today!

FPIES Education Conference Video Package

Learn more about the FPIES Education Conference here:

9 Reasons to Attend the FPIES Education Conference

IAFFPE’s 1st Annual FPIES Education Conference is only two months away, and we’re very excited about the program, speakers, and the opportunity for our FPIES community to gather under the same roof!

Need more convincing? Here are our top nine reasons to attend the FPIES Education Conference:

1. Learn from the best. We’re bringing together the leading experts in FPIES care and research for a powerful agenda focused on the topics that matter most to you.

2. Connect with people who “get it.” This is the only event of its kind, bringing together parents and physicians with a mutual interest in helping patients with FPIES.

3. Your voice matters. There will be Q&A sessions and a networking lunch to share your thoughts, questions, and experiences.

4. Be the first to know. You’ll get the inside scoop on some of the most recent research developments and exciting initiatives related to FPIES.

5. Be part of FPIES research. Participate in a live research study that looks at the quality of life for FPIES patients and families.

6. Get take-home tools. Many of the sessions will feature valuable tips that you can learn from immediately and implement into daily life.

7. Location, location, location. Philadelphia is easily accessible from almost everywhere, with Amtrak stations and a nearby airport.

8. The power of community. No problems are insurmountable when thoughtful people gather together and focus.

9. Leave with new ideas, resources, and the confidence that there are better days ahead.

Space is limited — reserve your spot today. For the event brochure and all the information you need, visit our main conference page.

As a reminder, early bird registration is only available until September 23rd. And if you’re looking to book a discounted hotel room, make sure to do it soon as that deadline is also September 23rd.

We welcome the chance to answer any questions you may have about our conference. Please email us at And let us know what you’re looking forward to most about the 2013 FPIES Education Conference!

Your June Fundraising Efforts for IAFFPE Raised $30K!

June was an amazing month of fundraising for IAFFPE. Four inspiring events raised nearly $30,000 to benefit IAFFPE and our FPIES community. A huge thank you to all the families, donors, volunteers, and attendees who helped make these events so successful.

The money raised has been designated for IAFFPE’s research fund and will go directly toward initiatives aimed at finding early detection techniques and a streamlined approach to treating FPIES patients. We’re spearheading some exciting initiatives that will help change the course of FPIES.

Fundraising Success Stories
Looking for inspiration? See how supporters have had fun raising money for IAFFPE:

Fight for FPIES

FPIES families unite for the Fight for FPIES fundraiser

Fight for FPIES
Who: Schultz Friends and Family
Where: New Jersey
Amount Raised: $10,000

This Martial Arts Event & Gala Dinner raised nearly $10,000 for IAFFPE! The Karate Dojo in Jackson hosted a day of seminars, kick-a-thons and zumba, while evening festivities featured dinner, dancing, and a gift auction. Thanks to all the FPIES families and Dr. Terri Faye Brown-Whitehorn who came out to support this fundraising extravaganza.

 Sean’s First Birthday Celebration
Who: Millerick Friends and Family
Where: Connecticut
Amount Raised: $2,500

As friends and family gathered to celebrate Sean’s 1st birthday, they also raised FPIES awareness and $2,500 in donations for IAFFPE. Thanks to Sean and company for a wonderful birthday gift that will impact those living with FPIES! Mom Lisa shared that she was overwhelmed by the generosity of her friends and family and that it helped ease the family’s struggle with FPIES.

Kamran's FPIES FundraiserCamran’s FPIES Fundraiser
Who: Organizer Dori-Ann Martin
Where: Canada
Amount Raised: $14,000+

An amazing Silent art auction in Canada raised more than $14,285 to benefit IAFFPE! We applaud everyone who came out to show support and raise funds and FPIES awareness.

Artisans donated original work for auction

Artisans donated original work for auction

Silent Art Auction
Who: Hosts Stephanie Greenwood, Andrea Chrisstoffels, and Jessica Deshaies
Where: New Hampshire
Amount Raised: $2,500

Another creative Silent Art Auction fundraiser in early June raised over $1,300 for IAFPPE! Generous artisans, friends and families joined forces to turn art into action and raise awareness of FPIES.

Ready to start your own fundraising story?
Taking on a fundraising challenge is an empowering feeling. To learn more about ways to help our mission through fundraising, click here and here. With these funds, IAFFPE will continue to make great things happen in our FPIES community.

* Please note that IAFFPE is not affiliated with any other FPIES organization. Our fundraising dollars go directly toward research and impactful initiatives, with all overhead costs donated or supplied by the Executive Board.

Mark Your Calendar: Food Allergy Awareness Week

FPIES Awareness RibbonWe’re honored to participate in 2013 Food Allergy Awareness Week from May 12-18th, highlighting awareness of Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES). You can join in the effort to educate and empower on all of our interactive channels:

You can also raise awareness of Food Allergy Week on your own social media pages. Just click on the images below to download our FPIES awareness ribbon coloring sheets. Upload a photo of you loved ones with their coloring sheet on our Facebook photo gallery, and post an awareness ribbon as your profile picture. Ask your family and friends to join in and participate to create support and awareness of FPIES. Let’s show the world our teal and gray pride!

Coloring Sheet 1: 2013 Food Allergy Awareness Week

Coloring Sheet 1: 2013 Food Allergy Awareness Week

Coloring Sheet 2: 2013 Food Allergy Awareness Week

Coloring Sheet 2: 2013 Food Allergy Awareness Week

Start an Online Fundraising Campaign for FPIES

Team IAFFPELooking for a safe, simple way to raise money for IAFFPE in our fight against FPIES? We’ve found several fundraising websites that are revolutionizing charitable giving. Sites like Crowdrise, JustGive, and First Giving seek to make raising money for a cause not just easy, but also fun.

Here’s how online fundraising works. Set up a page to support something or someone you care about. Then invite friends and family to be sponsors by donating any amount of money. Please note that these sites do charge a processing fee, usually a small percentage of the donations, to cover their own costs of operation.

Check out this highly successful fundraiser that a group of FPIES families put together on Crowdrise:

From marathon relays to mud runs, our fundraisers are already using online fundraising to benefit IAFFPE. So why not give it a try for your next birthday fundraiser, walkathon, polar plunge, or other creative way to show you care?FPIES Fundraising

For more ideas that put the fun in fundraising visit: And be sure to share your fundraising ideas in the comments section.

Rare Disease Day 2013: Spotlight on FPIES

IAFFPE RDD 2013IAFFPE was thrilled to participate in Rare Disease Day 2013 on February 28th. Rare Disease Day brings awareness to the thousands of rare conditions that need hope and recognition, including Food Protein Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES). We honored the day by unveiling a new video segment on the fact vs. fiction of FPIES, featuring Dr. Anna Nowak-Wegrzyn, an FPIES expert from the Jaffe Food Allergy Institute at Mount Sinai. Thanks to video sponsor Neocate for helping our foundation shed light on a rare disease in the food allergy community.

FPIES: A Conversation with Dr. Anna Nowak-Wegzryn

In addition, IAFFPE’s Amity Westcott-Chavez represented IAFFPE and the FPIES community at a Rare Disease Day event at the California State Capitol. Her presentation highlighted the need for education, awareness and advocacy of FPIES. IAFFPE RDD