Make It a Safe and Successful School Year!

Ready for SchoolPreparing for school can be filled with mixed emotions for parents of a child with FPIES. Whether your child is starting kindergarten, preschool or attending a new school, you may find yourself feeling both excited and anxious. Becoming familiar with the school’s food allergy policies and collaborating with your child’s teachers and school administrators can help set your mind at ease.

Planning is essential in preparing your child for school. That’s why we’ve compiled some tips and resources to help support you and your child for successful new school year:

Tips for Managing FPIES at School/Daycare: These practical tips can help you and your child’s school keep your child safe while still enjoying and participating in school.

Letter for Teachers and Daycare Providers: Our letter for educational professionals outlines essential information about FPIES for school providers. The letter is in Microsoft Word format so you can customize it.

A Parent’s Guide to Section 504: Our guide to 504 Plans helps you understand this type of plan written by the school in partnership with the student’s family. A 504 Plan provides guidelines for changes in the classroom and in other locations/activities, all with the goal of providing a safe education.

Food Allergy Training Modules for School Staff: AllergyHome offers this online training video to use for school staff training on the topic of food allergy. We worked with AllergyHome to include FPIES in section 9 of the module, which discuses other allergic conditions.

Preparing for School with Food Allergies and Asthma: Kids With Food Allergies (KFA) hosted this free educational webinar featuring guest speakers David Stukus, MD and Michael Pistiner, MD. It answers common questions about how your allergist can help with back-to-school planning.

CDC Guidelines for Food Allergy Management in Schools and Care Centers: The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has developed voluntary guidelines for schools and education programs on how to manage students’ food allergies.

Above all, regular, clear communication with your child and the school can aid in successful food avoidance throughout the school year—make it a great one!

New Details: FPIES Education Conference

FPIES Education ConferenceWe’re excited to share new details about our first annual FPIES conference for parents and caregivers!

2013 FPIES Education Conference
October 20, 2013
Philadelphia, PA

First, the conference will be a unique opportunity for attendees to participate in FPIES research. A “live” research study will be conducted at the conference, and participants will be able to provide information for the study. Led by Dr. Matthew Greenhawt, the study will focus on the quality of life for FPIES patients and families.

In addition, the conference will be your chance to meet and hear from our team of FPIES experts. The lineup includes: Drs. Anna Nowak-Wegrzyn (Mt. Sinai), Jonathan Spergel (CHOP), Matthew Greenhawt (University of Michigan), Mirna Chehade (Mt. Sinai), as well as Marion Groetch (Mt. Sinai), Sally Noone (Mt. Sinai), and Kim Mudd (Johns Hopkins).

We value the feedback we’ve received from you and have incorporated it into our agenda. We’re finalizing the program, which features a broad range of topics that matter most to FPIES families, everything from the latest medical knowledge to practical tips for daily life. Stay tuned for more details about the FPIES Education Conference!