Get Hopping with FPIES-Friendly Easter Ideas!

eggsOn the hunt for creative Easter ideas that are also FPIES-friendly? When friends and family come together to create favorite Easter memories, those living with FPIES and other allergic conditions must also balance the fun and excitement with safety. We’ve compiled some helpful links to inspire and guide you when planning your Easter celebration.

Kids with Food Allergies has developed two “eggcellent” Easter resources. KWFA’s definitive Easter guide includes craft ideas, Easter basket ideas, egg hunt and decorating ideas, and allergen-free recipes. And satisfy any sweet tooth with this Allergy-Friendly Easter Candy Guide for 2014.

Avoiding eggs? An FPIES mom told us about these dyeable plastic eggs in cartons that use regular egg dye kits. She found them at Walmart for $1.97! Another option is Eggnots, dyeable ceramic Easter eggs.

Looking for food-free Easter Basket ideas? Check out this fun list.

fruit flowersFruit can be a delicious, beautiful way to celebrate the day with your FPIES child. Check out this magical idea from our friends at Weelicious. And April showers bring fruit flowers with this delicious bouquet.

Please share what you’re doing to make this Easter extra special and FPIES-friendly!


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