AllergyHome Shines a Light on FPIES and IAFFPE

imageOur own Fallon Schultz recently had the pleasure of writing a guest blog post for AllergyHome about FPIES and the work we do.

If you haven’t heard of AllergyHome, it’s an essential site for anyone caring for a child with food allergies. AllergyHome specializes in developing practical teaching tools that benefit our communities. One of our favorite resources is their comprehensive guide Living Confidently with Food Allergy. AllergyHome has also designed an array of valuable tools for managing food allergy at school.

IAFFPE's Fallon SchultzWe are very excited to help kick off AllergyHome’s guest blog series highlighting organizations that work with and support the food allergy community. As guest blogger, IAFFPE Founder and Chair Fallon Schultz offers a look at FPIES, a rare non-IgE mediated food allergy that affects her son, and discusses some of IAFFPE’s key initiatives to increase awareness and improve the lives of patients and families living with FPIES. Thank you to AllergyHome for this opportunity!


One thought on “AllergyHome Shines a Light on FPIES and IAFFPE

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