A Brighter Future: The New ICD-10 Code for FPIES

FPIES ICD-10 CodeIt’s been a momentous week already for the FPIES community! On the heels of a national story about FPIES on Good Morning America, IAFFPE received word: FPIES finally has an official diagnosis code: K52.21.

Securing the ICD-10 code was an ambitious, year-long initiative for IAFFPE. We were warned how difficult it would be to get a new code passed. We were told that it is even more difficult for an advocacy group to pursue such a code successfully.

Together, you and IAFFPE wrote a key page in the history for FPIES. Every letter or e-mail sent on behalf of a child with FPIES made an impact. And because of our collective voice, families who walk the same road in the future will be less likely to suffer from delayed diagnosis or a lack of treatment opportunities. Knowledge, awareness, research, funding—we are only beginning to know the reach this code will have.

For more details about the ICD-10-CM code—including what it means and when it will be implemented—please read this press release. As it discusses, the ICD-10-CM code will not take effect right away due to the transition from the current ICD-9 coding system to the new ICD-10 coding system.

Finally, the press release includes quotes from Dr. Anna Nowak-Wegrzyn and Dr. Jonathan Spergel, two champions of this cause to whom we owe so much.

Together, we are making the unknown known (and we are not done yet). It’s not too late to become part of the movement and affect real change. From your donations to your fundraising efforts to your time and your talents, our community is coming together in amazing ways.


2 thoughts on “A Brighter Future: The New ICD-10 Code for FPIES

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