New Details: FPIES Education Conference

FPIES Education ConferenceWe’re excited to share new details about our first annual FPIES conference for parents and caregivers!

2013 FPIES Education Conference
October 20, 2013
Philadelphia, PA

First, the conference will be a unique opportunity for attendees to participate in FPIES research. A “live” research study will be conducted at the conference, and participants will be able to provide information for the study. Led by Dr. Matthew Greenhawt, the study will focus on the quality of life for FPIES patients and families.

In addition, the conference will be your chance to meet and hear from our team of FPIES experts. The lineup includes: Drs. Anna Nowak-Wegrzyn (Mt. Sinai), Jonathan Spergel (CHOP), Matthew Greenhawt (University of Michigan), Mirna Chehade (Mt. Sinai), as well as Marion Groetch (Mt. Sinai), Sally Noone (Mt. Sinai), and Kim Mudd (Johns Hopkins).

We value the feedback we’ve received from you and have incorporated it into our agenda. We’re finalizing the program, which features a broad range of topics that matter most to FPIES families, everything from the latest medical knowledge to practical tips for daily life. Stay tuned for more details about the FPIES Education Conference!


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